What is a boAj?

Pronounced like boge, (long "o" as in ocean, one syllable like age)
think of the word boat with a “j” sound instead of a “t” sound.

Boaj is an acronym coming from the words - Butt Of All Jokes!

Why the boaj?

At boaj inc. we have a firm belief that there are enough good clean funny jokes out there that there is no need for any jokes that would hurt or offend.

Once we all know to pick on the boaj (he likes it) jokes that used to target a ethnic group, hair color, or university are now just as funny and friendly as well.


Q: What do you do if a boaj throws a grenade at you?
A: pull the pin and throw it back!

Q: What do you do when a boaj throws a pin at you?
A: Run... it's got a hand grenade in its mouth!

See we didn't have to make fun of anyone, and it is still funny.

What's a boaj look like?

They are small little blue creatures with bright targets on their bellies to represent
that they love being the target for your jokes. they are not tall or short.


There are both male and female boajes and they have boaj kids. Most of them have graduated from Boaj University (it is not too hard) they live in boajville
and they all have names that start with “B”

But most importantly they are some of the dumbest and most curious little things you have ever seen, always getting themselves into mischief and providing endless laughs for those of fortunate enough to witness.

Boaj legend is that every time you tell a boaj joke some where in the world another boaj is born. so strat telling boaj jokes becasue boajes make the world a better place.

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