Boaj Jokes

wo boajes were passing thru an airport. They saw a Boeing 737, which was landing. Buster the first boaj said “Look at the size of that plane. I wonder how they paint such a massive structure.”

To which Benny replied “I don’t think these people are nuts to spend so much on painting it while it is on the ground. Surely theyl paint them when they are flying up in the sky and the plane is the size of a baseball bat.

A boAj's house catches fire and without a thought
the boAj calls the fire department, screaming into the phone.

"Hurry! Come Quick! My house is on fire."

The fire chief replied, "OK, calmly tell us, how do
we get to your house?"

"Well in that big red truck, of course!"

A Boaj was sitting on his porch, when this woman walked up with a pad and pencil in her hand.

"What can I do for you?" the Boaj asked. "You selling something?"

"No, sir, I'm not. I'm a Census Taker."

"A what?"

"A Census Taker. We're trying to find out how many people are in your town."

"Oh you're wasting your time here. I have no idea."

Three boAjes were having a picnic in the park.
One of them took out a can of "one-calorie" diet cola
and poured it equally into three cups.

He drank his and the second one did the same. The
third boAj just stared at his cup suspiciously, and said,
"I wonder who got the calorie."


A boaj was driving down the road. He noticed that he was low on gas, so he stoped at a gas station. While he was pumping gas, he noticed that he had locked the keys in the car.

So when the boaj went inside to pay, he asked the attendant for a hanger so that he could attempt to open the door himself. He returned outside and began to jimmy the lock. Ten minutes later, the attendant came out to see how the boaj was faring. He heared "A little more to the left...a little more to the right!..." and saw the boaj still struggling with the hanger.

“can I help you?” asked the attendant.

“No thanks,” replied the boaj, “luckily I locked my
friend in the car as well so he is helping.”


When the British government let out bids for the digging of a tunnel under the English Channel, estimates ran in the millions of pounds. One firm (Boaj LTD) asked only 10,000 pounds, however.

"Considering equipment and labor costs", the construction chairman asked the low bidder, "how do you propose to do the job for such a pittance?"

"It's simple," the Boaj contractor replied. "My partner grabs a shovel,
goes to France and starts digging. I take another shovel and start digging from England. We dig until we meet - and you've got a tunnel!"

"But what if you never meet?"

"Then you've got two tunnels, for the price of one."

A boaj was playing Trivia Pursuit and was asked if he was in a vacuum and someone called out his name, would he hear it?

He thought and answered.."is it on or off?"

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